blogtrumpSo, this just happened. Something many people have considered impossible. Something another group of many people have dreaded and feared more than anything else. And a third group of many people knew it all along, like New York’s ex mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who compared Trump’s chances to Bush’s chances back then and is surprised why everyone is so surprised now.

Apart from the fact that I personally think that Donald Trump is a misogynistic, racist, opportunistic, orange-faced monkey who has no political experience whatsoever and should not be allowed to represent a randomly chosen group of amoebas who had the misfortune to be at the same place as him at the wrong time, let alone what probably still is the biggest superpower of this planet, a majority of the US American people seem to have thought otherwise. It is what it is. No use crying over spilt milk, right?

Time will have to tell what we can really expect of Trump, a man, who wants to build a wall nobody on Earth could ever afford building. A man, who was scheduled to go to court because he was accused of fraud and child rape. A man, who spit racist slurs and xenophobe bullshit all over the place throughout his whole campaign. A man, whom I personally quite frankly believe to be a lucky bastard with the brains of an amoeba. Sorry, that was rude towards the amoeba though, I guess. All this doesn’t change the facts though and the facts are: this man is going to be running the United States of America in future. Will this be a bad thing? I fear it. Will this end in World War III? I doubt it. I have to believe that nobody, not even Trump, not even Putin, not even the fat register-queue kid from North Korea, can really want to annihilate the planet.

I am fairly certain that even a misogynistic, racist, hipocrite, orange-faced bastard monkey like Trump can’t fuck things up as completely as we all think he can. No president alone can just fire off a salvo of nuclear missiles or do anything completely unfixable on his own. However…he’s an uncertain factor and he has no political experience whatsoever. He’s a jerk. He’s not someone I would want to represent my country. We’ll have to see where that leaves us as a planet. The only certain thing here is: it’s going to be interesting. 2016 certainly continues to be an interesting year.


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badidol wurde 1981 geboren. Er arbeitet seit fast 20 Jahren im und am Internet als Community Manager (fast 15 Jahre beim selben Arbeitgeber), Social Media Manager, Moderator und verkauft dabei Eskimos Kühlschränke. Er spricht fließend Sarkastisch. In der Jugend linke Socke, als junger Erwachsener eher sozialliberal und mittlerweile von konventionellen Schubladen genervt. Atheist, Pragmatiker und Realist.

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