Well, haven’t blogged in quite a while and now I am not only blogging but even in English. Ok, parts of this blog are in English already anyway, those parts in which I am pretending to know my job and telling people about it. So I guess it’s ok.

Why I am doing this? Glad you asked!

The wonderful Emy had an idea. She does this sometimes, you know. Having ideas I mean. One might think that’s bad enough already, right? Wrong one’d be. Add the wonderful Piink to this and you’ve got yourself a recipe for driving people mad. Granted, they’re creative, wonderful and awesome but seriously…anyway, the whole thing’s about blogging once a day for a week straight as the the title of this entry might have already given away. I think it’s at this point that I might want to mention that while it has been the idea of Emy and Piink the real culprit here is Tom! He obviously went ahead and nominated a bunch of other people – including me – after they challenged him to take part.

So here I am, not knowing what the effing frick I am supposed to write about, let alone daily. Ah…screw it, I am going to count this one as a valid first entry!

Unrelated side note: I also took this as reason enough to switch to a different blog style again 🙂

Von badidol

badidol wurde 1981 geboren. Er arbeitet seit fast 20 Jahren im und am Internet als Community Manager (fast 15 Jahre beim selben Arbeitgeber), Social Media Manager, Moderator und verkauft dabei Eskimos Kühlschränke. Er spricht fließend Sarkastisch. In der Jugend linke Socke, als junger Erwachsener eher sozialliberal und mittlerweile von konventionellen Schubladen genervt. Atheist, Pragmatiker und Realist.

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