Today’s post is about how lucky I am. Yes, you did read that right. I am lucky. At the end of the day I’m lucky.

Obviously I am ranting a lot, complaining about this and that and that and this. There’s always something I can complain about. But in the great big scheme of things…don’t I have it quite good? Yes, I do.

I have a heart condition. Yeah, not exactly what you’d expect after my telling you I was lucky, eh? But I have it and I am living with it, it’s under control and it could be a lot worse. I am the one to blame for it anyway. I am morbidly obese. And still, it’s under control, my medication keeps the pressure and heart rate within normal parameters. I am walking and I changed my diet. I was in hospital, rushed there by ambulance actually, but I survived and I am fine. I manage. Many people weren’t that lucky. Many people die from stuff like that right away. So I am definitely lucky in that department.

I also rant and complain a lot about work related things. Sometimes colleagues and co-workers can do one of many things…gross you out, annoy the shit out of you, act as if they’re stupid, add to your stress by dropping work on your desk, cause you more work by messing up and you have to fix it, there’s a myriad of ways in which they can really mess up your day. But I am lucky. I actually have colleagues. That means I actually have work. That’s not something to be taken for granted these days and I’ve been unemployed in my life…it’s not a fun place to be and it’s nothing I care to repeat all too hastily. I am blessed enough to be able to work in an industry that is young and growing and that happens to be connected to something I was in deep, passionate love very early on in my life: video games. I can work in an area I like, do things I love for a living and I have a job that feeds me on a monthly basis. I don’t need to worry about being able to eat, I don’t need to worry about being able to pay the rent or any other costs. I am lucky. Many people have such worries and are a lot less lucky.

Furthermore I have a woman in my life that endures my quirks and special traits for over 6 years now already. Ok, that one’s mutual, I endure hers, too 🙂

All in all…I am lucky. And I feel strongly that many of us forget too often how lucky we actually are at the end of the day. So, for the next time you have to endure one of my rants keep in mind that I do know that it could always be worse. I just might not be able to see through the red veil of anger at that very moment 🙂

Von badidol

badidol wurde 1981 geboren. Er arbeitet seit fast 20 Jahren im und am Internet als Community Manager (fast 15 Jahre beim selben Arbeitgeber), Social Media Manager, Moderator und verkauft dabei Eskimos Kühlschränke. Er spricht fließend Sarkastisch. In der Jugend linke Socke, als junger Erwachsener eher sozialliberal und mittlerweile von konventionellen Schubladen genervt. Atheist, Pragmatiker und Realist.

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